• •  EAgLE – WP 2.9 at IF PAN


Key parameters:

•  Base temperature: < 10mK
•  Cooling power at 100mK: 575μW
•  Vector magnet: 6T-1T-1T
•  Cryogen free, no liquid He4 required, cooled to ~ 4K with Pulse Tube Refrigerator
•  Fully automated operation
•  Bottom loader provides with fast sample exchange without need to warm up the whole system
   to the room temperature
•  Cooling time from room temperature to 10mK:
    °  without magnet < 24h
    °  with magnet ~ 50h
    °  with fast loading ~ 10h
•  The most wired fridge in the world:
    °  8 microwave lines
    °  12 Thermocoax lines
    °  6 S1 coax lines
    °  4 shielded twisted pairs
    °  Loom of 12 twisted pairs of Cu wires
    °  Loom of 12 twisted pairs of Cu/Supercon wires
    °  Sample puck equipped with 14 SMP connectors and 51 pin DC Nanoconnector
•  Temperature range:
    °  without magnet 10mK – 300K
    °  with magnet 10mK- 30K

Triton 400 suspended from the ceiling via antivibration frame. Inset shows a close-up
of the bottom of the fridge – the load lock used for quick sample exchange.

Inside of the fridge revealing the mixing chamber (shiny silver pot) and the docking station
for the fast sample loading. The docking station fits into bore of the magnet (see Fig.4).

The bottom view of the mixing plate shows variety of different types of connectors
and docking station with 14 x SMP + 51 PIN DC connector terminals.

3axis vector magnet 6T-1T-1T mounted to 4K flange.

The sample puck (outer shield removed) mating with the docking
station prepared for microwave measurements. It can be loaded
into fridge while the fridge remains cold.

Disassembled microwave-compatible home-made sample holder fitting into the sample
puck (Fig.5). It was designed and fabricated within a joint collaboration of IF PAN
and PICO group of Aalto University (twinning partner in Eagle Project).

Recently measured on-chip microwave probed thermometers embedded
in superconducting resonators.

Prepared by Maciej Zgirski & Marek Foltyn (07/2015)