The management structure of the EAgLE project includes following levels:
• Project Coordinator - Dr. hab. Ewa Jędryka, Prof. IP PAS
Project Coordinator (PC) has the contractual responsibility for the overall successful progress of the Project. PC is authorized to represent the EAgLE Project in relations with the European Commission.

• Project Manager - MSc. Iwona Kaniecka
Project Manager (PM) is responsible for the overall management of the Project. PM is supported by the Head of the Project Support Office in all administrative activities, legal and contractual issues as well as financial management, distribution of funds and tasks connected with efficient communication in order to ensure the successful performance of the Project.

• Head of the Project Support Office - Dr. hab. Ewa Jędryka, Prof. IP PAS
Head of the Project Support Office is responsible for the administrative, technical and financial issues related to the project performance. Head of the Project Support Office supports the Project Manager in every-day management at the indicated levels. Head of the Support Office is supported by the staff of the Project Support Office including administrative resources of the IF PAN.

• Work Package Leaders
Respective Work Package Leader is responsible for the day-to-day management of each WP and in particular for planning, implementing action plans, submitting deliverables and milestones as well as reporting. Each WP Leader has his/her deputy (Vice-WPL) in order to ensure the continuous implementation of the work programme of the respective WP.

Respective Work Package Leaders and Vice-Leaders:
- WP1: L: Prof. Ewa JędrykaV: M.Sc. Iwona Kaniecka
- WP2: L: Prof. Maciej SawickiV: Dr. Iraida Demchenko
- WP3: L: Prof. Elżbieta GuziewiczV: Prof. Roman Puźniak
- WP4: L: Prof. Bogdan KowalskiV: Dr. Maciej Zgirski
- WP5: L: Prof. Marek GodlewskiV: Dr. Bartłomiej Witkowski
- WP6: L: Prof. Wojciech PaszkowiczV: Prof. Andrzej Wiśniewski
- WP7: L: Prof. Leszek SirkoV:
• Task Leaders
Task Leaders will be appointed in response to specific scientific and organizational needs and shall be responsible for the work performed under the respective task as well as for preparation of its deliverables.
• Management Board
Management Board (MB) as a decision making body supports the overall project coordination. MB is chaired by the Project Coordinator and will include also the Project Manager, Head of the Project Support Office and 6 Work Package Leaders. MB meetings will be organized and convened by the Project Manger each 6 month during the project. The Management Board chaired by the Project Coordinator will provide a forum for communication between WP Leaders. In case of tied voting the Coordinator has a decisive voice.
• International Steering Committee
The International Steering Committee is an advisable body to the EAgLE project. The International Steering Committee will meet 3 times during the Project time to provide recommendations and opinions.

EAgLE Organisational chart