Events of the 17th Warsaw Science Festival
sponsored by the EAGLE Project, held at Institute of Physics,
Polish Academy of Sciences
on September 21st, 2013

  • 1. Scientific workshop for Kids (age from 5 to 10 years): Young Researchers to start! were conducted by Dr. Beata Brodowska and Dr. Izabela Kuryliszyn-Kudelska.
    Date: 21.09.2013
    Time: 11:30, 12,12:30, 13 – 4 classes, each for 20 kids.

    “Young researchers” under the supervision of their older “colleagues” single-handedly discovered what is the electric charge, how electricity is generated by using different basic scientific methods and how to build an electric motor or radio. Children 5 - 10 years old had possibilities to perform by themselves experiments and draw conclusions. The workshop was performed four times, each time for 20 children. The number of takers was larger than the number of available places. There was a lot of amusement and fun for kids. They all asked us about the future similar events planned at the Institute.

  • 2. Lecture with experimental demonstration: Optics at home and backyard by Dr. Paweł Kaczor.
    Date: 21.09.2013
    Time: 10am

    Explanation of the laws of optics on simple examples. Experiments which can be performed by any non-scientist person using generally readily accessible home items. There were about 50 participants.

  • 3. Lecture with experimental demonstrations: How cold! – 270 Celsius!!! by Prof. Grzegorz Grabecki.
    Date: 21.09.2013
    Time: 2pm

    Our visitors had an unique opportunity to see the liquid helium – poured into a transparent cryostat. They were learned about the helium cryostat internal structure and about the principles of handling the liquefied cryogens. Helium superfluidity was demonstrated as disappearance of intensive boiling and occurrence of famous “fountain effect”. There were about 120 participants.

Photo Galery

Prepared experimental sets wait for a first group of kids.( “Young Researchers to start!”)

Group of kids is doing experiments under supervision of Dr. Iza Kuryliszyn-Kudelska
(“Young Researchers to start!”)

Dr. Beata Brodowska carries out the workshop for kids at the Seminar room D.
(“Young Researchers to start!”)

Unfortunately, the number of participants was limited to 20. Please,
take a next group! (“Young Researchers to start!”)

Demonstrations in optics are carried out by Dr. Paweł Kaczor.
(Optics at home and backyard)

Transparent glassy cryostat (placed in a Plexiglas tube for safety) is filled with liquid helium.
Visitors can observe the details of the procedure on the large screen in back wall.
The demonstration is performed by M. Sc. Sylwia Stefanowicz, M. Sc. Piotr Dziawa
and Prof. Grzegorz Grabecki. (How cold! – 270 Celsius!!!)

Prof. Grzegorz Grabecki explains the “fountain effect” in superfluid helium.
(How cold! – 270 Celsius!!!)