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RTP - Rapid Thermal Processing


Rapid Thermal Process System AccuThermo AW -610 allows for precise annealing the speciments at a temperature up to 1200°C, with an extremely precise temperature control in different gaseous environments, such as oxygen, argon or nitrogen.



  • Maximum temperature of annealing: 1200°C
  • Different gaseous environments with regulated flow: argon , nitrogen, oxygen.
  • The maximum temperature increasing rate:
  • The maximum size of the substrate diameter:
    4 inches
  • Precise stabilization of annealing temperature: 1°C



Annealing processes are an extremely important stage in the preparation of various types of the structures in electronic and optoelectronic devices, during which the properties of the individual elements can be substantially modified, i.e. through by the diffusion of dopants or recrystallization. RTP annealing processes are also used for preparing electrical contacts to semiconductor structures or in the preparation of the substrates before various types of processes of growth of crystals, layers and nanostructures.

Rapid Thermal Process System AccuThermo AW-610

Annealing temperature and gas flow in function of time.