Materials - Nanocrystalline zirconium dioxide based luminescent materials 

Nanocrystalline zirconium dioxide based luminescent materials 


Zirconium dioxide, with respect to its wide bandgap (5-7 eV) and possibility of doping, can find the application as the visible light source. Further properties, like chemical stability and thermal resistance, allow the application of this material in aggressive media environment. Zirconium dioxide is ionic conductor. In the Institute of Physics PAS nanopowders of this material are produced via the microwave solvothermal process. Additionally, the methods of structural and optical properties control were worked out and patented.



  • Growth of ZrO2 crystals with the sizes in the range 5-500 nm
  • Doping with the structural stabilizers (Y) in the wide range of concentrations
  • Doping with the luminescence activator ions (Tb, Eu, Pr)
  • High intensity of lanthanide ions luminescence emission
  • Bioinert material
  • Green technology of synthesis



Potential application start from an active layer in light sources. Fact that it is an inert (biocompatible) material, allows range of biological applications, as e.g. biomarkers. Possible applications include also use in the leak detection in the liquid based installations. High luminescence intensity allow the low active material consumption. The latter is important for tested positively by us use as biomarkers.

Green light emitting pellet of ZrO2:Tb nanocrystals.

Chromaticity diagram of ZrO2 nanopowders doped with yttrium, featuring the luminescence emission color control via the growth process conditions change.