Materials - Active luminescent zinc aluminate nanomaterials

Active luminescent zinc aluminate nanomaterials


Zinc aluminate (ZnAl2O4) exhibits great application potential regarding its mechnical properties and thermal stability. Band gap as wide as 3,8 eV makes ZnAl2O4 the superb optoelectronic material as a bright luminophor. For the latter application we dope this material with rare earth ions. Doping with lanthanide ions leads to the controllable color of luminescence emission.



  • High intensity of luminescence in visible region
  • Stability in water and acidic suspensions
  • Doping with the transition and lanthanide ions
  • Bioinert
  • Sizes in the range 10-60 nm
  • Narrow distribution of crystallites size



Material may be used in light sources, displays, gas sensors and as biomarkers. Its activity as catalyst is known in many reactions, including biodiesel synthesis.

SEM image of zinc aluminate nanopowder doped with europium.

Luminescence emission spectrum of europium doped zinc aluminate.