Materials - Zinc oxide conducting films (TCO)

Zinc oxide conducting films (TCO)


Conducting ZnO layers are deposited by atomic layer deposition (ALD) on range of available substrates, at growth temperature up to 200 oC. We determined growth parameters ensuring optimal electrical parameters of the films (low film resistivities) and metallic conductivity at room temperature. Conducting ZnO films have high optical transmission in the visible range. Thus, such films can be used as transparent electrodes in a range of electronics, photovoltaics and optoelectronics devices.



  • Film thicknesses: < 1 micrometer
  • Optical transmission: ~90 %
  • Carrier type: n
  • Resistivity: 1-2x10-3Ωcm
  • High uniformity



  • transparent electrodes
  • organic electronics

Optical transmission of 200-nm thick conducting ZnO films grown on glass by ALD

Resistivities of 200-nm thick ZnO films grown by ALD at various growth temperatures