Materials - ZnO:Al layers for the second generations solar cells

ZnO:Al layers for the second generations solar cells



CdTe-based solar cells of the second generation (thin films) start to compete with silicon ones on a photovoltaic (PV) market. This generation of PV devices consists of thin films of cadmium sulfide (CdS) as a n-type partner for p-type CdTe. One of the important problem in such solar cells structures is a stable ohmic contact to p-type CdTe layers. The to solve this limitation p-type ZnTe layer is deposited on top of CdTe and then of ZnO:Al as a TCO layer. We developed stable in time method of constructing ohmic contacts of this type to thin films of p‑type zinc telluride, based on zinc oxide doped with aluminum atoms deposited by the ALD method.



  • Growth temperature: 160 °C
  • The maximum size of the substrate: 20 cm diameter
  • ZnO:Al film thickness : 300 nm
  • ZnO:Al electrical parameters:

                   n=3.6x1020 cm-3

                   ρ=1.2x10-3 Ωcm

  • Uniform coverage of three-dimensional surface (nanorods)
  • Growth controll in the nanometer scale


Current-voltage characteristic of ohmic contact to p-type ZnTe layers.