Characterization - Thermoluminescent dosimeter of ionizing radiation

Thermoluminescent dosimeter of ionizing radiation


New thermoluminescent (TL) detectors based on YAP:Mn crystals and ceramics are developed. The detectors can be used in the majority of commercial TL/OSL readers. Prototype of the TL/OSL reader is developed. The reader combined with the proposed detectors constitute the laboratory TL/OSL dosimetry system. The TL/OSL reader is operated by PC using  original program in LabView.



Main advantages of the proposed thermoluminescent detectors are as following:

  • high sensitivity (≥20 with respect to  TLD-100);
  • extremely wide range of linearity (8 orders of magnitude, up to 2·103 Gy);
  • luminescence in visible range (around 530 nm);
  • OSL readout is possible.



The dosimeter can be used for registration of the absorbed doses in the range from low to high ones.   Detectors can be employed in available commercial  dosimetry systems as well. The dosimeters can be used for scientific purposes, in nuclear facilities, were the radiation levels exceed greatly usual levels of personal dosimetry as well as for various specific tasks such as radiation treatment of materials, sterilization of foods or medical instrumentation etc.  


Thermal glow of the crystalline detectors based on YAP:Mn.

TL/OSL reader.

Interface of the TL/OSL reader.