Characterization - X-ray diffraction measurements (XRD)

X-ray diffraction measurements (XRD)


The phenomenon of X-ray diffraction allows the identification of the phase composition of the mixtures of crystals, crystal orientation analysis of crystallographic texture and measurements of lattice parameters. To measure the intensity of X-ray diffraction we use MRD X-ray diffractometer from Panalytical company equipped with a new generation pixcel detector. Interpretation of X-ray diffraction is the essence of phase analysis, texture analysis, determining the parameters of the network, and enables the analysis of a variety of other phenomena occurring in the crystal structures.



  • X-ray powder diffraction
    • Lattice constants parameters
    • Phase analysis
    • Structural analysis
  • High resolution X-ray diffraction
    • Stress analysis for layers and multilayers
    • Crystal texture analysis
    • Resiprocal space mapping
    • Lattice constants parameters
  • Reflectivity
    • roughness layers and multilayers


Multifunctional Eulerian cradle

  • the range of the chi circle: ±90°, minimum step 0.01°,
  • the range of the phi: -2 × 360° circle: ±90°, minimum step 0.02°,
  • the range of translation X and Y: 100 mm, step size 0.01 mm,
  • the range of translation Z: 11 mm, step size 1 µm


Euler ring - six axis.

Exemplary Reciprocal Space Map.