Characterization - Infrared spectroscopy (FTIR)

Infrared spectroscopy (FTIR)


IR spectrometer can be used to analyze solids and liquids within the mid-infrared region. The device is equipped with the necessary optical systems, accessories and interactive software for recording infrared spectra using two techniques: transmission and attenuated total reflection (ATR).

The advantage of iS5 Nicolet FTIR spectrometer is its compact size (the spectrometer weighs 10 kg and base dimensions are 35x30 cm). Such construction makes that the spectrometer becomes a mobile device (measurements can be carried out in different laboratories).

Moreover, the device is equipped with a self-compensating, dynamically aligned interferometer to ensure that the system during the scanning process always retains optimal positioning regardless of temperature changes, vibrations and other disturbances.

The spectrometer software enables search libraries to identify the spectrum of an unknown sample and/or to compare it with the spectrum of standard. It is also possible to create your own libraries



  • Spectrum range: 4000 – 350 cm-1
  • Resolution: <0.8 cm-1
  • Beamsplitter: Ge/KBr
  • Detector: DLaTGS
  • Source lamp: Mid-IR Ceramic emitter
  • Sensitivity: 22 000:1 (1 min, 4cm-1)



IR spectroscopy involves the recording and analysis of vibrational spectra of compounds in various forms and physical state. The structural analysis is based on the identification of functional groups present in the investigated compound. IR spectroscopy can be also used to study the process of chemical reactions by monitoring the changes of reactants chemical bonds.

FTIR Spectrometer – Nicolet iS5 Thermo Scientific with Diamond ATR sample accessory for rapid analysis of solids and liquids without sample preparation. Due to the high mechanical and chemical resistance of diamond crystal - hard, brittle and chemically aggressive materials can be investigated.

Transmission accessory - sample positions are available to accommodate KBr Pellet holders, precision path length liquid cells, infrared cards and film holders.

Demountable cuvette for transmission measurement of spectra of liquids with a set of spacers (thickness of 0.015-0.5mm) with KBr windows.